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            Welcome to League Domination, the best place for guides for learning how to play League of Legends and understanding the game.   There is everything you need to master League of Legends and become a pro.  After months and months of hard dedication, we have developed all the content that you need to raise your elo and climb the ranked ladder.  The three main factors in gaining elo boil down to raw skill, leadership, and rage or negative attitude.  All of the factors must be mastered.  One may be able to master the skill factor and still rage and lose the game.  These attributes work in harmony and will determine how the game goes whether that be in your favor or against you.


One of the most important factors on the quest for a higher elo in League of Legends is skill.  Simply put if you are a great player eventually your elo will eventually balance out.  Elo revolves around the law of averages and is a very complicated algorithm but comes down to winning more games than you lose to get higher in the latter.  This site has all the tools to improve your skill and get better so you can get the elo you desire.  Taking responsibly for you own fate is the first step to improving and becoming a better player, and becoming a God of League of Legends.

  • Mechanics:  Mechanics refer to your ability to last hit and basically function in the game.  You need to master last hitting and basic functions of the game.  If you have bad mechanics it can easily set you back when trying to raise your elo.
  • Positioning:  This is key when you get to the later stages of the game.  You want to make sure you are being as effective as possible and not dying or getting caught.
  • Trading In Lane:  Many players struggle with this but it is quite simply.  You always want to make sure you do more damage to the enemy then they do to you in lane.  Never take free damage.

Shaco League of Legends


Many people overlook the fact that League of Legends is a team game and although you might not like your team at times, they are a key factor in winning the game and no matter how bad the player is you need every one of them to win the game.  If you remember any time you have been stuck in a 4v5 you know the feeling of hopelessness.  In order to really make an impact and carry your team in a lot of situations you need to make plays and encourage your team.  This may be tough at times but gaining elo is tough and if you really want it you need to be willing to do anything in your power to win.  It may seem like only one loss and you may think "I can just win it back," but you will need to win two games.  Always put forth your best effort even in the most bleak circumstances.

  • Calling good plays:  Especially in lower elo, players need guidance on what to do and how to play.  This is why it is important to know the game and call good plays.  It will help you win and bring your team together.
  • Encouraging your team:  Build your team up instead of breaking them down.  It is important to stay postive and give your team advice instead of calling them stupid.
  • Never give up:  There are many games where it has seemed like a lost cause and I have ended up winning the game.  There is always a chance to win so never give up and never surrender.  Be a champion. 

Jarvan League of Legends


I think everyone who has played League of Legends has suffered from some kinda of rage at one point.  Either rage from another person or raging themselves.  You can really feel the toxicity as people ruin not only the chances of winning, but also the gaming experience.  That being said, if you aspire to raise your elo raging is a no no and we will take a look at how this effects the game and ways to prevent its negatives impacts.   

  • Never Rage:  Raging can easily cause players to quit and start trying to throw the game.  Players in this game are very sensitive and you do not want to say something that causes someone to afk or stop trying.
  • Don't be negative: Being negative just causes other to be negative and get frustrated instead of playing the game.  There is always a chance to win:  Just have fun and play it out.
  • Do not surrender before the game is over:  Playing games out will give you a much higher elo because you will win a few games that seemed to be lost.

Galio League of Legends

Elo Brackets 

This section is a break down of all the different elo sections and what players need to work on to get better.  This allows you to narrow down your focus and pin point what mistakes you may need to work on.  The break down goes as follows:

  • Unranked
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold


In order to take your play to the next level you need to focus on getting extremely good at one or two roles.  This way your expertise is not spread out so thin and you are able to compete at a much higher level.  Information on how to play each role and what is need to be great at that role.  This section includes pro player videos of proffesionals in there respective roles.

  • Ranged Carry
  • Support
  • AP Carry
  • Jungle
  • Top Lane